Bookings and Rates
Is the rate for a single occupancy room half the rate of a double occupancy room?

Unfortunately no, the rate for a single occupancy room is 75% of the rate for a double occupancy room.  This is a reflecion of Hedonism's price structure. 

Are there accommodations available for a triad?

Yes, please email us at for more information.

May I arrive a few days before the event or stay a few days afterwards?

Yes! You may book additional days before and after the event directly thru Plunge. Please note that the resort will not permit certain types of activities (BDSM activities for example) outside of the official dates of the event. You may dress in fetish wear outside of the official dates of the event or even carry a whip, just don't use it!

If I book my room directly with the resort or through another provider other than Plunge, may I participate in any activities related to Plunge?
  • No. Participation in Plunge is limited to persons who book directly with Plunge.
  • The resort does not normally permit guests to engage in activities like the ones associated with Plunge (BDSM activities for example). They will permit guests to engage in those activities ONLY if they are registered as part of an event that has the resorts express permission to schedule and supervise such activities.
The Resort
Is tipping permitted at Hedonism II?
  • No. Hedonism II has a strict no tipping policy. However, in practice some people do tip their room cleaning person.
  • BUT, it is also important to note that the porters at the airport and the bus driver are not employees of Hedonism II and tipping is customary, typically $1USD per bag for the porters and a few dollars for the bus driver.
What are the rooms like at Hedonism II?
  • The standard rooms are comparable in size to most hotel rooms in the United States. They have all been renovated, have tile floors and contain a king size bed (or two twins upon request), flat screen TV, telephone, and mini fridge.
  • The premium rooms have been completely remodeled and feature fully glass enclosed bathrooms, large flat screen TVs, mini fridge or mini bar and some include a private veranda with a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub.
  • The resort has made great strides in improving the rooms in recent years, but the rooms are not the main reason to be at Hedonism. The main reason to be at Hedonism can be found (for the most part) outside of your room with your fellow fetishists!
Is Hedonism II a nudist resort?

Not exactly. Hedonism II caters to the nudist community but the makeup of the resorts guests is not entirely nudist. The resort is actually clothing optional on both the clothing optional side and the nude side, this means you have the option of being nude just about anywhere with a few exceptions:

  • Clothing must be worn within the Main Dining Terrace and the Beach Side Grill.
  • Nudity is required in a relatively small part of the resort which includes: the nude beach, the Nude Beach Grill, the nude pool and nude hot tub areas.
Is Hedonism II a swingers resort?

Again, not exactly. Hedonism II is a "lifestyle friendly" resort. Just as some guest may be nudist, some may be swingers. It is fair to say that most are not.

Your Experience
How may I play and where may I play?
  • Milder forms of play can take place anywhere on the resort. For example, feel free to train your pony anywhere on the resort. If they need a short session with your single tail, use your discretion. If they need an extended session, please confine that and any heavier SM activities to our private play space.
  • D/s interactions as well as bondage and discipline may take place anywhere on the resort. For example, you could suspend your bottom with rope from a tree by the water's edge or, if you wish, have your maid serve you lunch at the main dining terrace or serve drinks by the pool. Please use your discretion and confine more intense interactions and play to our private play space.
What may I wear and where may I wear it?
  • Fetish wear is acceptable anywhere on the resort at any time, with the exception of those areas of the resort where nudity is required: the nude beach, nude pool, nude hot tub and the nude bar and grill. The nudity required areas make up a relatively small portion of the resort.
  • Fetish wear is not only acceptable but is strongly encouraged for the evening meal however genitals and nipples must be covered in the dining area.
  • The air temperature ranges from a day time high of 83°F/28°C to a night time low of 73°F/22°C so plan your fetish wardrobe accordingly.
  • If you plan on wearing your latex in the ocean the water temperature is about 82°F/28°C.
  • Of course you can also wear swim suits, lounge wear or nothing at all.
With whom may I play?
  • Plunge attendees may make up approximately one third of the guests on the resort. The resort does not normally permit guests to engage in activities like the ones associated with Plunge (BDSM activities for example). They will permit guests to engage in those activities ONLY if they are registered as part of an event that has the resorts express permission to schedule and supervise such activities. As such, BDSM interactions may only take place between registered attendees of Plunge. This rule is not an attempt to limit your fun. It is necessary to protect everyone. Resort guests with limited knowledge of BDSM may react very negatively when drawn into seemingly harmless interactions with our group members. Again, this is for your own protection and will help to ensure that everyone can enjoy Hedonism!
  • The Plunge pool will become Onyx & Azure, our private play space, at night between 9:30pm and 3am. Resort guests who are not registered Plunge attendees will not be allowed to enter our private play space.
The resort's Wednesday night theme is "Fetish"; will regular resort guests be allowed to attend our parties or enter our play space that night?

No. Fetish themes are very popular these days and the look of the fetish lifestyle is easily appropriated for a fun night out. Wearing a corset or carrying a crop does not give them a sense of play space etiquette or an understating of safe, sane and consensual play.

Will there be other groups on the resort during Plunge?
  • Yes, Plunge attendees may make up approximately one third of the total guests on the resort.
  • The typical guest at Hedonism is anything but typical when compared to the rest of the world! They are open-minded, friendly and very curious about the fetish/kink lifestyle. While it is still true that BDSM interactions with guests who are not attending Plunge must be limited to them watching us engage in milder forms of play outside of our private play space, there are no limits on other types of interaction. In that regard the choice is entirely up to you.
What sort of BDSM equipment, play toys or sex toys may I bring into Jamaica?

Most types of fetish wear, BDSM equipment, play toys and sex toys are permitted in Jamaica. There are some items that are not permitted and may be confiscated. The following list is not exhaustive, so if you are in doubt about whether it's permitted or not in Jamaica, don't bring it! Plunge and Acquired Taste Events will not be responsible for any items that are confiscated. Items not permitted in Jamaica include but are not limited to:

  • Guns and ammunition - real or fake (that includes your prop pirate pistol)
  • Swords, daggers, hunting knives and toys with sharp edges that look like weapons
What is Club Mobay?

Your all-inclusive booking for Plunge includes the Club Mobay arrivals and departure service at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. You must book your flight into and out of Sangster International (airport code MBJ) to receive this service.

Arrivals - Your Plunge experience begins as soon as you leave the plane with our Club Mobay arrivals service. You won't suffer the stress and hassle like a typical vacationer.

  • You'll be met at the end of the plane ramp by a uniformed Club Mobay representative holding a paddle with your name on it. (An informational paddle. Please present your passport, not your backside!)
  • They'll ensure that your landing cards are properly filled out, escort you past the lines, and then fast track you through immigration and customs.
  • You'll then be escorted to the Club Mobay arrivals lounge where you can relax and enjoy the complimentary bar, snacks, and wifi while they coordinate your Plunge provided ground transportation.

Departures - Say your last goodbyes in Club Mobay's private lounge.

  • After you check in with your airline go to the Club Mobay line at passport control. You'll have fast track privileges thru passport control and security.
  • Then make your way to Club Mobay's private lounge on the main departure concourse and enjoy:
  • Complimentary fresh fruits, sandwiches and tapas.
  • Complimentary alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages
  • Unlimited WiFi & Fully equipped Digicel business center
  • Shower facilities and access to the VIBES smoking lounge.
  • Free phone calls to the USA, Canada, and UK landlines