Fet-Set is our rewards program, designed just for Plunge!
It's simple: Register - Earn - Spend

  • Once you register for Plunge, we'll email a link to your new Fet-Set account. Just set up your username and password and you're ready to go.
  • For every $1 you spend on your booking or in Boutique Plunge you'll earn 3 Maestros (Our unit of kinky currency.)
  • Earn additional Maestros simply by being your kinky self when you:
    • Join in our afternoon fetish activities
    • Join in our evening fetish games
    • Auction off your kinky services in our play auctions
    • Attend our workshops and demos
    • Refer a kinkster to Plunge
    • Share Plunge on social media
  • Turn your Maestros into fetish fun when you exchange them for:
    • Kinky play in our play auctions
    • Fetish and BDSM gear from our onsite shop, Boutique Plunge
    • Booking your room for next year's Plunge
    • 1 Maestro has a redemption value of $.01
Please see our Fet-Set Terms and Conditions for more details.