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Your Plunge Pass gives you access to all of our exclusive parties, our private play space and the rest of the Plunge Itinerary.

Plunge Parties - Day and Night at the Plunge Pool
  • Hedonism II refers to this pool as the "clothing optional pool" or sometimes the "prude pool".
  • While we are there it will be the "Plunge Pool", still clothing optional but definitely not prudish!
The Plunge Pool - Get Your Daily Dose of Deviance
  • The Plunge Pool is set beneath peacock palms and cottonwood trees at the center of the resort, right on the beach.
  • If sunshine is your thing there are plenty of chaise lounges beside the pool and on the beach.
  • If shade suits you better then relax in the hammocks that hang from the trees or stretch out on one of the 4 cabanas that surround the pool.
  • The fifth and largest cabana is home to the bar.
Onyx & Azure - Our Private Play Space
  • Each night we'll transform the Plunge Pool into our own private play space for Plunge Pass holders only.
  • Play, party or just people watch from around the pool while you enjoy the DJ's music and our all new suite of dungeon furniture.