October 24, 2015

Which of the following are banned in Jamaica?

A. Tasers/stun guns/real guns/toy guns 
B. Camouflage clothing
C. All publications of the de Laurence, Scott and Company relating to divination, magic, occultism or the supernatural arts.
D. All of the above

The correct answer is "D" .   All of the above.
Everything under the letter A is banned (including your prop pirate pistol)  
B is a bit more tricky, they'll only confiscate your camouflage if it looks like you might be ready to impersonate a member of the Jamaican military.  
C is the answer with the best back story! Here's a picture of Mr de Laurence.  



His books were banned after they became popular within Jamaica in the late 19th and early 20th century.    After that he used his voodoo powers to go back to the future and land a  few notable roles in Hollywood like "The Duke" in the movie "Moulin Rouge".  Or maybe not.

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