Plunge 2017 is Primed To Deliver Wet, Kinky, Fetish Fun This Winter!
July 24, 2016

In May of 2016 Plunge held its inaugural event on the western most tip of the island of Jamaica by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea!  For 7 days and nights kinksters from around the world pursued their pervy passions at the worlds most permissive resort, Hedonism II.   During Plunge, "Kinky Sex on the Beach" was not just a drink to be had at the bar, it was happening day and night in our private play space beside the beach and around the Plunge Pool !

Plunge 2017 will get its kink on from March 4 -11!  We've moved the event forward 8 weeks in 2017 in response to feedback from fetishist who wanted an escape from the cold of winter and the crowded fetish event calendar of Spring.  Jamaica is a paradise in winter with little rain fall, low humidity and daily high temperatures around 83°F/28°C.   Nightly lows are around 73°F/22°C, perfect for fetish wear and BDSM play !  In winter the waters of the Caribbean Sea are 82°F/28°.   There is a down side to moving 8 weeks forward though, the resorts pricing is higher in the first week of March when compared to May.   Our new pricing reflects this and also the resorts overall annual price increase.

We've added a new room category and it's called Hilltop View.  The rooms within this category feature the same amenities as the other classic rooms on the resort however they are slightly further away from the beach.  This category was added to broaden our price range.  The number of rooms in this category is limited and they do come with some purchase restrictions, however there are no restrictions on the wet, kinky, fetish fun that kinksters who book them will have!  You can check out all of our rates here!

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